Nestle Milkmaid

Weight: 400 gm

$ 2.99

Full Cream MILK P...

Weight: 1 kg

$ 8.99

BADSHA Curry Powd...

Weight: 100 gm

$ 1.99

SUH Shahi Garam M...

Weight: 50 gm

$ 1.99

Ashoka Punjabi Sa...

Weight: 25 Pcs

$ 22.99 $ 19.99

Favour-ita Porotta

Weight: 25 Pcs

$ 13.50 $ 8.99

Hawan Samagri

Weight: 200 gm

$ 5.50 $ 4.50

Kesar Mango Pulp

Weight: 830 gm

$ 3.50 $ 2.66

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Yogiji’s is one of the super Indian grocery stores that offer Indian spices and condiments online. Yogiji is located in Christchurch, Auckland and Hamilton. The store specializes in Indian groceries, food ingredients, spices, ready mix and so on. We visit the Orient and India from time to time to bring you the rarest and exotic local food items.

We offer free shipping on orders above a certain limit. Our delivery service is from door to door and there is no delivery failure. We bring the orient to you.